AGT: Season 2018

I'm hoping that "third time is the charm." My best audition was in 2016, San Jose as a mix of silly and serious.

I did not get rich and famous. I did connect with the judge, so I was surprised when I didn't get a call back audition. While it was a good act, it just might have been "bad timing."

2018 might be ideal timing for a silly/serious act. But it isn't really my style to repeat the same "charge into a brick wall" and hope the wall moves.

So. for 2018 I will do a (mostly) "all silly act." I'll start with some (mediocre) standup comedy, segue with a "dramatic monologue" and end with a "silly song."

The odds of winning the enitre show via "only comedy" are very long. (My preference is to use the silly to enhance the serious, and use the serious [dark] to enhance the silly [winner].)

For this 2018 audition, I will target "certainly amusing" vs risking for a "laugh out loud" funny, in the hopes that I can talk producers into letting me repeat my 2016 audition (which did risk for a "laugh out loud" funny) for a callback round (instead of mediocre standup.)

If I do have to repeat the "mediocre standup" for the callback round, I can certainly do that.

Then for the judge cuts, I can hopefully return to my original 2016 plan where I do "fun with random Mel B" for 45 seconds, then 45 seconds of a serious song.

How are you feeling about your audition going in?

I've long known that it is as difficult to be "bad in an entertaining way" as it is to be "good in an entertaining way." (It's pretty easy to be "bad in a boring way" and "try to be good but end up mediocre.")

I'm learning that it is also difficult to be "deliberately mediocre." (ie mediocre in a way that judges can look back and say "Oh! He was trying to be mediocre.") My stand up delivery is more "news anchorman" than "energetic Darkwinner" but I think that mediocre style is what this occasion warrants.

Show biz is about connecting with your target. Sometimes you target "good in an entertaining way" but there is just as much skill/nerve involved in targeting "deliberately mediocre."

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